Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saturday, April 14, 1979

Went with Uncle Tom and Chris to his school Newark Academy. They're putting up lights for a show. At first day was boring but it improved. I find it hard to talk to people at the auditorium so I read "Go Ask Alice." While looking at stories on the wall I told Uncle Tom one was strange and he wrote it! How embarrassing! He (accident) put out cigarette in my Sprite and I unknowingly drank it. Gross! Owe Chris $1 for spitting from top of auditorium. Went to Grandma's for a while. Saw Robert who's changed -- more adult, i.e., boring. Had the usual "don't-talk-to-anyone" dinner at Granny's with everyone there.


  1. I love that you drank out of that Sprite.

  2. yeah, in a Mortified world the only thing saved from the entry would be the Sprite.